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We have partnered with the Together We Stand Foundation as part of an ongoing Corporate Collab program to diversify our collective fundraising efforts to help Veterans who need our help. 100% of the proceeds from the products below go directly to the Together We Stand Foundation.


We all know the word, but of any group who lives it day to day, it’s the brave members of the Canadian Armed Forces serving overseas that know it best. Then there is the other side of our Canadian Armed Forces, the glue that keeps everything together back home on Canadian soil, the families of our Armed Forces members. With deployment lasting for months at a time, those back home are left to adjust to day to day life alone with the constant stress of having a loved one deployed overseas. The impact of this distance apart is felt the most during the holiday season. While many Canadians are spending time together, Canadian Armed Forces members and their families face the holiday season alone. At the Together We Stand Foundation, our goal is to ease the burden of separation.

Together We Stand Foundation is a nationally registered organization created by proud Canadians Rick and Lillian Ekstein to recognize, thank and pay tribute to patriotic military families who are as much a part of our armed forces as those who serve on the front lines. These parents, spouses and children are the glue that holds everything together back home for the brave military members deployed overseas. They are the other side of our Canadian Armed Forces, and we honour them for their contributions to the fabric of our society and their ongoing commitment to the safety and security of Canada.

During our 2018 initiative, over 2,500 Family Gift Boxes containing gift cards and coupons from a variety of corporate and private donors were distributed across Canada to each military family with a loved one deployed abroad.

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