Quattro Wallet Chain

$69.99 CAN

Quattro Wallet Chain

$69.99 CAN
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$69.99 CAN

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    quattro / silver wallet chain

    Quattro Men's Wallet Chain

    Named after it’s square-style chain, the Quattro wallet chain is a unique twist on a classic wallet chain featuring a custom B&U casing, dual carabiners, and large key loops that allow you to attach the chain to a variety of objects, not just wallets.

    • Length
    • Material
    • Colour
    • Casing
    • Design
    • 550mm
    • Plated Stainless Steel
    • Silver and Titanium
    • B&U 7.62 - laser etched
    • Quattro
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$69.99 CAN

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