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Combat Flip Flops Collab

Introducing the Combat Flip Flops Limited Edition "Brass & Unity Floperator and Shade Bundle".
Flip flops and shades go together like the U.S. and Canada - So we put it all together for a bad ass package of North American Summer goodness.

Over $120 in products for $99. Get your's today!

About Combat Flip Flops

Bad for running, worse for fighting! Combat Flip Flops is Veteran owned and operated, and provides women in developing countries with manufacturing jobs producing their hit products such as the "floperators", and their classic "Shemagh" scarves. Part of the proceeds are donated to AAE - Aid Afghanistan for Education that helps marginalized Afghan women and girls who are denied access to formal education, as well as MAG - Mines Advisory Group which is an international organization that saves lives by removing and destroying landmines left in war torn countries.

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